Learn the difference between wounded and healthy masculine and feminine

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Looking for ease, love, and fulfillment when you´ve never experienced them is like trying to reach a destination you´ve never been to before without a map. Difficult and frustrating.

Our emotional state and the relationship we have going on with ourselves is an attraction point for all the other things in our life.

Learning what´s healthy and what´s not when it comes to your emotions and relationships will save you so much energy and help you to call in what you desire faster because you´ll no longer dim your light by interacting with the world in codependent ways. …

Feel safe and secure from the inside out

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Safety and security are the things a lot of us crave now more than ever.

It feels as if we´re collectively waiting for a time where it will be safe to breathe out with relief.

Many people are going through demanding life experiences right now and I want to take a moment here to acknowledge you if it feels like you´re rarely given time to breathe out in peace.

I personally believe that (self-)compassion, (self-)love, and (self-)acceptance are going to help us integrate the experiences we´re going through as a collective and as individuals without adding more anxiety and stress…

Why women struggle with low self-worth

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Are you afraid of charging your worth?

Are you willing to do work that doesn´t fulfill you?

Are you staying in a relationship with a man that doesn´t see your value, because it´s too risky to leave or because it´s as good as it gets?

If you´re willing to compromise and say yes to any of the questions, you´re living from a wounded feminine energy state.

They´ve been passed down from generation to generation of women and are now part of our DNA and psyche unless we decide to break the cycle and start living from a much healthier and…

Why motivation doesn´t stick

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The reason why motivation and new habits don´t tend to ‘stick’ is that we´re trying to pile up new knowledge and actions on an already wobbly foundation.

Another reason is that we´re trying to change the outer conditions (job, relationship, weight,…), instead of looking directly at the cause, which is always our emotional and mental state.

That´s why I love to work with processes that take into consideration a whole human being and don´t deflect or bypass our emotions, worries, and fears.

Once we pay attention, accept, understand, and shift the way we think, the expectations/ beliefs we hold as…

Why unhealthy masculine energy causes women to experience daily anxiety and fear

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Many high-achieving women feel an undercurrent of anxiety and frustration on a daily basis.

We were conditioned to believe that the more pressure we put on ourselves and the more we follow the rules, the more quickly we will be able to achieve anything we desire.

So we deconstruct our end-goals and make a daily plan of all the things we need to do to reach the ultimate destination. If our bodies get tired and our souls become weary we instantly assume that there has to be something wrong with us.

Not only are we used to pushing ourselves through…

Letting go of emotional triggers

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There are two ways in which we can approach the inner work, self-development or really anything that we do to change our life (i.e. working out, being on a diet, healing an illness, chronic pain, etc.)

The first way is seeing ourselves as not enough, broken, and in need of improvement. Basically, we´re using the inner work to earn the outcome we want. This approach usually gives you an initial high, initial motivation which ultimately wears off and you end up more frustrated than before because you´re coming from a place of self-hate instead of self-love.

Then there´s the other…

How to find the exact words your customers need to hear before they buy

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The other day someone asked a question in a Facebook group I´ve joined just recently that went along these lines,

How do you like to be approached as a customer?

Ninety percent of the members responded with a blunt but honest,

I don´t like to be approached at all!

They all agreed that they´d rather find and check out your business on their own and decide whether it´s a good fit without the pressure of a sales pitch.

Now the obvious question is… how do you persuade potential clients that you´re their person without persuading them?

I have one answer…

Four stories of women who are loved for who they truly are

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I remember one passage from Eat, Pray, Love where Gilbert describes her friend Deborah´s experience. Deborah was a psychologist and in the 1980s she was asked by the city of Philadelphia to volunteer and offer psychological counseling to a group of Cambodian refugees.

As Gilbert writes,

These Cambodians had suffered the worst of what humans can inflict on each other — genocide, rape, torture, starvation, the murder of their relatives before their eyes, then long years in refugee camps and dangerous boat trips to West where people died and corpses were fed to sharks.

But what did they want to…

Don´t let any unsolicited advice or beliefs limit you.

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Recently, I wanted to connect with like-minded people and I thought it´d be a good idea to join a couple of groups for entrepreneurs and business owners on socials.

I´ve already left a few of them after being a member for two days or so.

Maybe joining them wasn´t a good idea after all…

The main reason I left was that my news feed was suddenly filled with passive-aggressive posts written by authors who were clearly fishing for clients, but still according to the group rules which usually dismiss any self-promotion or spam.

If you can´t decide, continue reading

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Money, money, money

must be funny

in the rich man´s world…

Money is a loaded topic, which is ridiculous because other than food, air, and water, money is the number one resource we all work with and that we can´t live without. We all want more of it. But at the same time, it´s taboo to talk about it.

Talking about money can make us viscerally uncomfortable. Pay attention to the way you feel when money is the topic of discussion. Does your stomach tighten up? Are you feeling anxious? Or do you feel like a failure?

Recently, many relationship…


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